ArcGIS Command’s GUID Intercepter

ArcGIS Command’s GUID Intercepter

This ArcGIS addin shows command details (GUID, Name, Subtype, …) when you click a command in ArcMap, A creative tool for an ArcGIS Desktop Developer.

In ArcObjects documentation, there is a list of popular commands accompanied by their corresponding GUIDs. Looking for a command in this document page could be tedious and frustrating. And most of the time you get disappointed at finding a command.

GUID (Global Unique Identifier) of a command is useful when:

  • You want to programmatically call a pre-built command.
  • You may want to customize ArcGIS UI (User Interface) programmaticaly.
  • You want to create a python Addin toolbar with a custom set of built-in commands and tools. For more information click here.

In all these scenarios you need the built-in command or tool GUID.

The addin is built for ArcGIS Desktop 10.2, although it sould work with higher versions too.

ArcGIS GUID Interceptor Snapshot