GE Smallworld GIS

I have had almost 18 months (2014-2015) of experience with Smallworld GIS. The company I worked with, Behineh Rassam Pars (BRP), was mainly involved in utility GIS software projects. The purpose was to create a GIS solution for electricity and gas companies. The end products were like those of ArcFM, but our platform was GE Smallworld rather that ESRI GIS stack.

Shape Exporter

Smallworld GIS didn’t have a built-in shapefile exporter. The customers didn’t want to use FME due to its complexity. My task was to write an interface to convert native Smallworld spatial layers to shapefile. I used shapelib and Smallworld TICS C library and some Magik code to develop the application.

Oracle Insync

To replicate Smallworld VMDS (version managed data store) in oracle, I had to utilize Oracle Insync technology. However, Oracle InSynch had many bugs while working with Persian character encoding which caused the system to crash. My role was to debug and setup Oracle Insync in a way to run smoothly and in an automated fashion without user intervention.

Digsilent Converter

I also wrote some Magik code to convert GIS objects to DigSilent objects.