ArcGIS commands GUID generator

1 minute read

Those who have been involved in ESRI software development know how important it is to know the GUID of some commands. In this regard, I have developed an extension that enables you to catch the GUID of any command or button you click in ArcMap. To try the extension see the project page.


This ArcMap Addin shows command details (GUID, Name, Subtype, …) when you click a command in ArcMap; it is a creative tool for an ArcGIS desktop developer. In ArcObjects documentation, there is a list of popular commands accompanied by their corresponding GUIDs, although looking for a command in this page could be tedious and frustrating, and most of the time you get disappointed at finding a command.

GUID (Global Unique Identifier) of a command is useful when you want to:

  • programmatically call a pre-built command or tool.
  • customize ArcGIS UI (User Interface) programmatically.
  • create a python Addin toolbar with a custom set of built-in commands and tools. For more information click here.

In all these scenarios you need the built-in command or tool GUID.

The Addin is built for ArcGIS Desktop 10.2, although it should also work with higher versions.


ArcGIS GUID Interceptor Snapshot